Kindle Countdown Deal and Promos

If you’re a regular over on the Writer’s Café at, you’ve no doubt seen these types of book promo posts in which people post which promo sites they’re using and their results.

If you’re not familiar, here’s the deal — lowering the price of your book to $.99 or free is a good way to get attention. If you’re in KDP Select, you can use the Countdown Deal to lower your price and retain 70% royalties OR you can use a free promotion. Either way, you also want to tell people about the deal and that’s where the promo sites come in. Keeping track of which promo sites result in better sales is a way to make sure any marketing dollars you’ve spent have been put to good use.

It’s not an exact science by any means, but the info helps determine which sites or services to use the next time.

Since I only have one book out currently, I went for the Kindle Countdown deal and am  lowering the price of my book from $3.99 to $.99 for 7 days starting today, March 20. I’ll be updating this post daily with results.

Prior to the promotion, my book generally garners 1-4 sales and/or borrows per day.

Date Promo Type Cost Sales
 Fri – 3/20 Genre Pulse $10 24
Ebook Lister $0
email newsletter
 Sat – 3/21 Awesome Gang $0 15
Ebook Lister $0
 Sun – 3/22 Ebook Lister $0  11
 Mon – 3/23 The Fussy Librarian $8  21
Ebook Lister $0
Tue – 3/24 ENT $15  50
EBookSoda $10
Wed – 3/25 BookSends $25  38
Thu –  3/26 ReadCheaply  $0  24

Total Cost: $68

I’m also doing an experiment with my mailing list and holding a contest to encourage them to share my promo on social media. I’m using the free version of the Contest tool by to give them more entries in the contest the more they share the book promo. The prize is a $10 Amazon gift card. You can see it in action here:

I only have about 85 people on my mailing list right now, but my open rates are good. Even a few extra shares will help to raise the visibility of the promo.

RESULTS: 183 books sold! I made back my money on the promo and then some, which I consider a success! I also had 6 newsletter signups during this period, which is also great.