Traditionally, a colophon is a section in a book or manuscript with information about its production and publisher. In the web world, a colophon is used to describe the software, programming languages, web standards etc. used to make a website.

The Indie Colophon is a place to talk about my experience with indie publishing. My name is Leslye and I write fantasy and paranormal romance. I chose to go indie not because I’d been rejected hundreds of times by traditional publishers (to date, I haven’t ever submitted to an agent or publisher) but because I really like the DIY path.

I’ve won some awards for my fiction, co-founded and edit a literary magazine and have studied with some phenomenal writing instructors. I’ve also been a website and multimedia developer for almost fifteen years, have graphic design skills, as well as print layout, formatting, video production, and online marketing experience. So I figured why not do it myself?

This is my journey. Hope it helps someone!